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Latest Headlines

Rebates, benefits vary in Medicare Advantage plans across country

Insurers managing Medicare Advantage plans provide varying degrees of rebates and additional benefits to their members based on geographical location, according to a report from healthcare consulting

Exchange benefits recommendations might be delayed

It appears that there's a good chance insurers won't know which basic health benefits they will be required to provide as part of the health insurance exchanges beginning in 2014. The Institute of

Aetna adds consumer-based services with PayFlex purchase

Looking to enhance its consumer health business, Aetna ( NYSE: AET ) is buying PayFlex Holdings Inc., an administrator of health savings and flexible spending accounts, for roughly $202 million,

Exchange rule leaves payer requirements vague

Although it seems the Department of Health & Human Services' (HHS) proposed rule on health insurance exchanges is stacked in healthcare payers' favor as HHS granted many of the big insurers'

UnitedHealth Q1 earnings jump 13 percent

UnitedHealth Group's ( NYSE: UNH ) first-quarter earnings rose 13 percent, far surpassing estimates and setting a positive tone for the insurer as patients' ongoing moderate use of healthcare services

UnitedHealth to offer coverage to restaurant workers nationwide

UnitedHealth Group Inc., in Minnetonka, Minn., is partnering with the National Restaurant Association in a private-sector bid to offer health insurance to U.S. restaurant employees, reports the Los

Senate moves to ensure illegal immigrants don't get federal benefits

As everyone knows at this point, President Obama was heckled with a shouted "You lie!" when he said that his current reform proposal doesn't extend health coverage to illegal immigrants. While such

Group Health of Seattle's experience undermines co-op argument

While some federal legislators are pointing to healthcare co-ops as a means of expanding healthcare coverage to more Americans, the experience of Seattle's Group Health Cooperative suggests that this

Plan would tax well-insured to cover uninsured

Here's an idea that is likely to create to a firestorm of criticism from those lucky enough to enjoy health coverage: A growing number of health reform plan leaders on the Hill are considering a plan