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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Excellus CEO says insurers will be ready for exchanges

Health insurers will be ready to sell plans within the health insurance exchanges when they launch January 2014, says David Klein, CEO of the Lifetime Healthcare Companies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield CEOs reap big payouts

The chief executives of many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans enjoyed some hefty bonuses last year, primarily due to lower-than-expected medical utilization and strong enrollment numbers.

Excellus repays $3M to members for improper accounting practices

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield has refunded $3.1 million to members who overpaid doctors because of the insurer's improper accounting practices.

CMS overpaid Excellus $41M for Medicare Advantage plans

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield was overpaid $41.6 million to administer Medicare Advantage health plans, according to an audit from the Office of Inspector General.

Excellus defends proposed rate hikes despite big cash reserves

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield has come under fire for proposing rate hikes, which could increase as much as 20 percent for some plans, even though it has enough funds in its reserves to cover claims.

Excellus surpassed MLR requirements, won't issue refunds

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield won't be refunding its members under the reform law's medical-loss ratio (MLR) because it spent more on medical benefits than administrative services.

Excellus fined $1M for denying ER claims

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield was fined almost $1 million for improperly denying emergency room claims and failing to explain benefits to its members. The New York Department of Financial Services

Excellus to pay for wrongfully denying lead tests

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield on Thursday reached a settlement with the New York attorney general in which the insurer will provide refunds, plus interest, for childhood lead screening tests that

Outgoing Excellus CEO gets 173% increase in compensation

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield's CEO, who just announced his retirement, made $5.2 million last year. CEO David Klein's 2011 compensation is a 173 percent increase from his $1.9 million pay package

Excellus BCBS airs funny ads to cut avoidable ER visits

More than 40 percent of emergency room (ER) visits--amounting to 700,000 visits a year--in upstate New York are avoidable, concludes an analysis from Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, so the insurer