Emergency Room Visits

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Latest Headlines

More plans will exclude hospital benefits, compete on exchanges

Adding to the competition among insurers selling their plans on health insurance exchanges are new policies that exclude all hospital benefits.

Insurance doesn't cut ER visits among young adults

Even with insurance, young adults choose costly emergency room visits over office visits and have the same out-of-pocket expenses as their uninsured counterparts, according to a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Consumers with employer-based coverage visit ER for nonemergencies

Most consumers with employer-sponsored health insurance visit the emergency room for nonemergency conditions, according to a new report from Truven Health Analytics.

BCBSNC invests in urgent care to reduce ER visits

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is banking on urgent care clinics to help it defray the cost of hospital emergency room visits.

Mass. reform increased insured, didn't cut costs

Health reform in Massachusetts has increased the number of people with health insurance coverage significantly, but it hasn't helped stem rising healthcare costs. Because the Massachusetts reform

Insurers encourage less-costly ER alternatives

Research shows that up to 20 percent of emergency room (ER) visits could be diverted to less-expensive retail sites, so health insurers like Anthem, UnitedHealth, and Kaiser Permanente are