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Latest Headlines

Is Google planning to take over CMS?

Google may just be the next big player in the payer realm, Biogen Vice President Adam Koppel tells  MedCity News, as the tech giant aims to increase its influence in healthcare data analytics and may even aim to take the place of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  

Robust market looms for connected health, mobile healthcare apps

The arrival of a new year brings even more encouraging expectations, this time from the ACT | The App Association. The group recently released its latest, and fourth annual, State of the App Economy report for 2016, and it projects big strides to come within just four years or less.

Medicare Advantage may be best program to power healthcare reform

Though some have championed Meaningful Use as a key tool for driving reform in the healthcare system, its power pales in comparison to that of the increasingly popular Medicare Advantage program.

3 keys to sustaining Medicare for another 50 years

Medicare is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Although the federal health program has made strides since its inception, there are also several challenges that lie ahead, former Sen. Tom Daschle wrote in a Health Affairs blog post.

mHealth Summit 2014: HealthKit, EHR pilot programs show great promise, execs say

The quest to seamlessly gather personal health data and move it into electronic health records may be coming to an end thanks to Apple's HealthKit, according to two experts at Tuesday's mHealth Summit.

Hospital staff caught snooping, putting privacy and identity at risk

News ripped from recent headlines focuses on privacy violations and medical identity theft by hospital employees in three states.

Why the healthcare sector is a prime target for identity theft

Greater use of electronic health records, black market demand for protected health information and a fragmented healthcare system contribute to rising rates of medical identity theft,  Fortune  reported.

Blue Shield, Anthem of California bring health insurance into the 21st century

It's nice to see competitors working together for the good of the consumer. That's exactly what two of California's biggest insurers--Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross--did...

The frequent link between fraud and altered records

The link between corrupt medical records and fraud made headlines in three states last week in cases ranging from botched  electronic health record entries to forged prescriptions.  

The value of medical homes: Culture not tech

Patient-centered medical homes already have proven to enhance quality of care, and now new research finds that quality improvement comes from the community and culture created through the program rather than the technology used.