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Latest Headlines

Insurers jump into battle over drug prices at state level

Health insurers in Virginia want to require more pricing transparency from the pharmaceutical industry, but drug companies are pushing back by saying this could be the first step toward government-related price controls that would stifle future innovations, according to an Associated Press article.  

HRSA proposes price ceilings for 340B program

The Health Resources and Services Administration has proposed a new rule that would place a cap on how much drug manufacturers could charge safety-net hospitals participating in the 340B program for drugs intended for outpatient treatment.

President Obama: Let Medicare officials negotiate drug prices

In his recent 2016 budget request to Congress,  President Barack Obama expressed growing concerns over the high costs of Medicare prescription drugs. His solution to the problem: Let Medicare officials negotiate prices with drug manufacturers. Currently, federal law prohibits such negotiations.

Payers want more data for drug coverage decisions

Payers need more outcomes data--clinical, economic and humanistic--from drug manufacturers for more informed decision-making, Managed Health Executive reported.

MedPAC mulls financial relationship disclosure rules

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has begun considering recommendations that would require new disclosures regarding financial relationships between drug manufacturers, device