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Latest Headlines

Disruptive innovation threatens insurance industry

If you haven't heard of the business term "disruptive innovation," I'm sure you at least would recognize examples of the phenomenon that has completely upended many industries. Southwest Airlines

Teach consumers about prices, see reduced healthcare costs

When a doctor diagnosed me with a knee condition 10 years ago and recommended surgery, I went home and searched online to find information about the problem, its symptoms, and steps I could take to

It's time for payers to build trust, partnerships with providers

San Francisco really is a lovely town, and I was happy to spend time there last week at the AHIP Institute . After three days filled with conference sessions and meetings, I sat down in the

Health insurers must abandon silo mentality to profit from ACO model

Healthcare payers must break out of their silos and share a more "patient-centric view” with providers, analysts warned during the AHIP Institute conference in San Francisco last week. Insurers

ACO fears will be addressed, maybe alleviated

With the recent publication of the proposed rules regarding accountable care organizations (ACO), the topic has hit a fever-pitch level throughout the healthcare industry. Payers are particularly

Exchanges: Operational issues and state activities

AHIP describes health insurance exchanges as "one of the most pressing healthcare reform implementation issues" and the topic is, therefore, peppered throughout Institute 2011 sessions and is

Deloitte expert details how insurers can survive in the new world order

Last week I urged insurers to accept the reality of healthcare reform and move forward. A tall, possibly daunting, order, I know. Since I am not an actual member of the health insurance industry, I

Note to insurers: Accept your new reality and move forward

Acceptance is a valuable lesson that helps us lead happier, more positively-focused lives. Although it's rarely applied to the business world, I think it may be particularly relevant these days for

Deloitte finds barriers to medical home implementation

A new issue brief by Deloitte Consulting concludes that implementing a patient-centered medical home can pay off by significantly lowering costs, but executing such an initiative often faces cultural