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Latest Headlines

Use cost sharing with caution on chronic patients

Cost sharing can help employers and consumers alike spend less on healthcare, but the practice should be used with caution when it comes to the sickest patients.

Aetna, other payers lower costs of HIV drugs

After  facing harsh scrutiny for placing HIV and AIDS prescription drugs in the highest category of cost sharing, insurers are making moves to reduce out-of-pocket costs for these pricey medications.

Harvard faculty who advised on healthcare reform upset with coverage

Harvard University's health economists and policy experts--who have advised presidents and Congress on healthcare reform--are less than pleased to see the cost of their health insurance increase.

Premiums increase, but at slower rate

Health insurance premiums rose 4 percent this year--less than half of the 9 percent increase last year--continuing the recent trend of moderated health costs and spending, says a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Tuesday.

Patients use fewer care services when asked to pay more

In the environment of ever-increasing healthcare costs and utilization, a Mayo Clinic study found that patients use less unnecessary healthcare when they bear more of the financial responsibility for

The blurred line between preventive care and treatment

Preventive care is often overlooked in the U.S. healthcare system as a valuable tool to help patients avoid chronic conditions and save the industry dollars. The health reform law meant to compel