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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts is driving consumer-oriented focus in industry

As Massachusetts became the first state earlier this month to require insurers provide real-time prices for all covered medical services, it's leading the trend toward a more consumer-oriented healthcare insurance industry.

Highmark joins price transparency movement

Highmark puts the final touches on its new cost estimator tool, contributing to a broader industry-wide movement to increase transparency of medical costs while highlighting quality providers.

Insurers ramping up price transparency efforts

Insurers in Massachusetts are on the forefront of a growing trend to help consumers price medical procedures and services, as well as find specialists and other doctors, reported The Boston Globe.

Fierce Q&A: UnitedHealthcare launches price tool for retail shoppers

UnitedHealthcare launched a new price comparison tool called mHealthcare Cost Estimator so members can compare the quality and costs of more than 100 treatments and procedures for 240,000 different physicians and hospitals.