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Latest Headlines

Narrow networks don't always mean lower premiums

Insurers have turned to narrow networks as they compete for customers in the marketplaces created through the Affordable Care Act, but it's difficult for consumers to discern whether a plan's network will meet their needs, according to an  Urban Institute report. 

PwC report: Wearables continue to face obstacles, but consumers show interest

Consumers are showing interest in mHealth wearables, but true adoption will only come when device makers offer affordable solutions that provide greater value, according to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute report.

The pros and cons of selling health insurance across state lines

Consumers and advocates might like the idea of selling health insurance across state lines--it could, after all, increase competition and lower prices, making health insurance premiums more affordable.  But it could also have unintended consequences. 

Mobile apps help consumers make informed healthcare, provider decisions

The advent of mHealth apps, specifically those that let consumers compare healthcare services and providers, empower users and help consumers make better informed decisions on everything from treatment to treatment facility selection.

Insurers: Don't ignore the lack of health literacy

As the health insurance industry gears up for another enrollment period, set to kick off November 15, the lack of health literacy continues to be an issue for both insurers and consumers,  reports the  Wall Street Journal.

How payers can harness the 'wild world of digital' in the new consumer marketplace

I had the pleasure of recently hosting a dinner, sponsored by FierceHealthPayer, with insurer and provider executives. The group talked frankly about how the healthcare industry can best transition...

New standards could expand provider networks

As health insurers' provider networks get more narrow, many states are adopting standards to ease consumer concerns about limited selections of doctors and hospitals, reports The New York Times.

What do patients want to see when it comes to mHealth solutions?

There has been little mention of device makers, app developers or mHealth services surveying consumers, polling patients and asking medical professionals about what specific products are wanted and needed, and what features should be a primary focus in wearable mHealth devices.

How to engage consumers for better outcomes

In the post-healthcare reform era, payers must take measures to reach and engage their consumers, according to a new white paper from IDC Health Insights.

Oscar Insurance: Reinventing consumers' online experience

Insurers' online presence and the experience provided to consumers play key roles in the transition to a more consumer-focused industry. In this Fierce exclusive, FierceHealthPayer breaks down how Oscar Insurance Corp. created a completely new kind of online presence that's easy and transparent for consumers.