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Latest Headlines

Aetna, other payers on hot seat for allegedly discriminating against HIV patients

The advocacy group Consumer Watchdog filed a  lawsuit Friday against Aetna in federal court in San Diego, claiming the insurer discriminated against patients with HIV.  

Narrow networks spur legal action against Anthem Blue Cross

Signifying consumer pushback against narrow networks, Consumer Watchdog has hit California's Anthem Blue Cross with a class-action lawsuit for allegedly misleading millions of members about whether physicians and hospitals were participating in new plan networks, Kaiser Health News reported.

UnitedHealth to lift mail-order requirement for HIV/AIDS meds

In a move that could set an industry precedent, UnitedHealthcare settled a national class-action lawsuit by agreeing to allow patients with HIV or AIDS to opt out of a requirement to obtain medications by mail order.

Anthem settles suit, expands options to obtain HIV/AIDS meds

In a settlement, Anthem Blue Cross of California has agreed to allow patients with HIV/AIDS to obtain their medications from pharmacies, instead of its standard mail-order pharmacy program.

Anthem backtracks on mail-order pharmacy requirement

Anthem Blue Cross is backtracking away from its previous requirement that certain members with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and cancer, buy prescription drugs from a mail-order pharmacy.

Lawsuit: Anthem mail-order pharmacy program discriminates

Anthem Blue Cross of California faces a lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against certain members with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and cancer, by forcing them to obtain prescriptions using a mail-order pharmacy.

Anthem proposes 18% rate hike to offset expected losses next year

Anthem Blue Cross has proposed an 18 percent rate hike on more than 630,000 individual members in California as the battle regarding state officials' regulatory authority to approve such increases heats up.

Rate regulation on 2014 ballot in California

Health insurance rate regulation in California has made its way to the state ballot in 2014, allowing Californians to decide whether the state insurance commissioner can reject insurers' rate hike proposals.

Blue Shield sued for 'death spiral' practices

Blue Shield of California has been engaging in "death spiral" tactics by pushing older and sicker members into low-benefit, high-deductible plans, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the company.

Consumer group pushes for rate reg on ballot

California insurers may have another fight on their hands as Consumer Watchdog is trying to revive the rate regulation discussion. The consumer advocacy group is attempting to get an initiative known