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Latest Headlines

Employee engagement saved UnitedHealth $107M

UnitedHealth saved $107 million in health costs over three years by engaging its employees, including motivating them to maintain healthy lifestyles and lose weight, according to a new report published in the journal Health Affairs.

UnitedHealth makes the case for insurer-retail partnerships

As UnitedHealth ensures its product development and service delivery always "fit into the life of the consumer," it frequently looks to the retail industry for lessons learned and guidance, Tom Paul, chief consumer officer at UnitedHealth, told FierceHealthPayer.

UnitedHealth: Insurers should fit into consumers' lives

If insurers want to be successful in a consumer-oriented market, they should make their business fit into their consumers' lives rather than forcing consumers to adjust and accommodate the insurance business, Tom Paul, chief consumer officer at UnitedHealth, told FierceHealthPayer.

Community engagement boosts hospital revenue, quality

Hospitals and health systems rely on their communities for the support and resources they need to succeed.

Hot topics in 2012: ACOs, quality improvement, consumer engagement

For your reading pleasure, we have gathered the most read FierceHealthPayer stories of 2012. It's a definitive victory for accountable care organizations.

Health IT still defining HIE consumer engagement

Healthcare providers participating in health information exchanges are getting closer to determining how they will use health IT to engage with patients, but the process still is in the early stages, the National eHealth Collaborative concluded after analyzing results of a June survey.

Consumer engagement: Helping members help themselves

As insurers continue to grapple with rising healthcare costs, they're faced with an increasingly unhealthy member population. So payers have started taking matters into their own hands to engage members into becoming stewards of their own health and wellnes.

Social networks influence health behavior

Organizations can use social networks to prevent disease and promote general health, according to research conducted at the University of Southern California.

How to solve poor consumer engagement: Keep it simple

Despite the call for greater consumer participation in healthcare under health reform, consumer engagement remains a problem in this country.

Horizon opens retail store with customer service, technology

In another sign that the insurance industry is becoming more consumer-oriented, one more big insurer announced that is opening a retail store to enhance the member experience. Horizon Blue Cross Blue