Consumer Driven Health Plans

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Latest Headlines

Consumer-driven health plans on the rise

Enrollment in consumer-driven health plans continues to grow, while HMO and PPO enrollment is one the decline. Consulting firm Mercer offers three factors that are contributing to the shift.

Blues plans spin off billing, admin work into new company

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC) on Tuesday announced that they have jointly created a new company to handle their administrative

Consumer-driven, high-deductible plans grow

Although participation in consumer-driven and high-deductible health plans remains low, it continues to grow, reaching 22 million customers this year, according to a new report by the Employee

Consumer-driven health plan enrollment grows slower than in past

Consumer-driven health plans continue to grow--although enrollment is slower than in previous years. CDHPs grew at a rate of 18.1 percent this past year (about half that of 2009) but no longer cover

Medicaid fees for MDs grow more slowly than Medicaid; Ohio hospital cuts staffing costs by $10M;

> Medicaid physician fees went up 15.1 percent between 2003 and 2008, narrowing, but not closing, the gap between Medicare and Medicaid rates. Article > Surgeon/MBA Dr. Kenneth Cohn suggests a

Study: Recession boosting use of consumer-driven health plans

Here's a sign of the times. According to a new study from HealthLeaders-InterStudy, more employers are choosing consumer-driven health plans as a method of cutting their health costs during the

Coming to terms with consumer-driven health plans

While consumer-driven health plans are barreling down on providers like a freight train, many physicians have tried to tune them out. In fact, according to one recent survey,