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Latest Headlines

How Aetna's decision to raise minimum wages reflects insurer's strategic focus

In an interview with Strategy&Business, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini discussed how the decision to raise employee wages reflects the insurer's overall strategy of becoming a more consumer-oriented and ethical company. 

Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish wants to change how we think about healthcare

At a recent Nashville Health Care Council event, Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish discussed the increasing need for insurers to stray away from the traditional mindset of being business-to-business firms and instead focus on connecting with both customers and providers.

For payers, member satisfaction on the rise

Good news, payers: Customer satisfaction with health plans has improved since 2014.

Other industries influence what consumers want from healthcare

There's been a lot of talk since the Affordable Care Act was passed that the health insurance industry must focus on and engage more with its consumers the way other industries do, particularly in retail and travel.

3 things I'm thankful that insurers are getting right

After celebrating Thanksgiving last week with my family, I'm still feeling grateful for many aspects of my life. I'm also thankful for many parts of the health insurance industry. I decided to dedicate this column to many of the positive changes that have happened recently--some at the hands of the Affordable Care Act, others driven by insurers themselves.  

Hidden fees plague consumers and insurers

Hidden fees continue to plague both consumers and insurers.  "It's probably easier to get into the FBI confidential files than to see a hospital charge master. We should know the price of a procedure before we do it,"  Shaun Green, chief operating officer of Arches Health Plan in Salt Lake City, tells  FierceHealthPayer.   

Regence BlueShield, UW Health to anchor innovation complex in Seattle

Seattle Health insurer Regence BlueShield and the University of Washington Health System will be among the first organizations to join a local complex that aims to foster technology and other innovations that could "transform" the healthcare industry. 

Insurers: Customer service, member retention is more than a marketing initiative

When it comes to purchasing and selling health plans, consumers and payers start the experience clock ticking at different times.  For consumers, the experience begins the minute their insurer picks up the phone. That's not always the case for payers--but it should be, consumer engagement experts say.   

3 ways CMOs can help insurers be more consumer-centric

Chief marketing officers are critical to insurance companies that want to be more consumer-driven and focused. Particularly as consumers begin taking control of their relationship with insurers' brands, CMOs are in a position to optimize and redefine their companies into an efficient marketing operating system.

Survey: Consumers send mixed signals on shared decision-making

A large majority--90 percent--of consumers wants to take charge of their medical decisions, but only about 50 percent actually talk about healthcare costs, according to a new survey of almost 3,000 adults from Altarum Institute.