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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Anthem newest insurer to delay cancellations in California

Following in the footsteps of Blue Shield of California, which postponed the planned cancellations of some policies, Anthem Blue Cross has delayed the cancellation of 104,000 individual health plans until February.

4 fixes for healthcare reform implementation

However, as The Atlantic reported, the Obama administration, and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in particular, can make healthcare reform implementation a success by take four actions.

Obama seeks administrative fix for canceled health plans

President Barack Obama has asked his healthcare advisors to close some gaps within the reform law by looking for administrative fixes to health plan cancellations.

Insurers send cancellation notices to small businesses

Just as insurers are sending cancellation letters to members whose individual plans don't meet healthcare reform's essential health benefits, they're also sending cancellation notices to small businesses.

Lawmakers, state officials urge insurers to stop canceling policies

Amid  reports of cancellation letters sent to members because plans don't meet healthcare reform's essential health benefits, lawmakers and state officials are pressuring insurers to allow members to retain their policies.