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Latest Headlines

Study finds savings, care improvements in Blue Cross global budget model

A global budget reimbursement model improved the quality of patient care and lowered costs in its first four years, according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers...

AHIP's Karen Ignagni stresses benefits of health plan-provider partnerships

Providers, health plans and consumers must work together for an affordable and sustainable healthcare system,  America's Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni told attendees at the National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health in the District of Columbia this week.

Bundled payments can be gateway to payment reform

When insurers implement bundled payment projects, they're transforming care by focusing on quality and lowering costs, making it a strong gateway to propel payment reform, according to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Institute.

Volume vs. value: The ongoing struggle

Healthcare organizations are caught between the gap of the volume model and the value model while trying to transition to the latter, American Hospital Association board Chairman and Presbyterian Healthcare Services CEO Jim Hinton recently told the New Mexico Hospital Association. 

Next stage of ACO evolution: Bundled payments

Despite the mixed results so far of Medicare accountable care organizations, a new issue brief from the Navigant Center for HealthCare Research and Policy Analysis concludes that the traditional model is here to stay, although it will continue to evolve.

Bon Secours may expand successful bundled payment program

Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, Virginia, may expand its trial bund led payment  program for total joint replacement, accor ding to   Hospitals & Health Networks.

Do bundled payments stifle innovation, discriminate against high-risk patients?

Although bundled payments are an increasingly common way for insurers to pay for care--and can improve quality and lower costs--some industry experts worry that they could have more negative consequences than benefits.

Ian Morrison: Private purchasers demand high quality, low costs from providers

Affordability is urgently needed in healthcare and the industry must continue to find innovative ways to constantly improve care while lowering costs for private healthcare purchasers, who drive the market and hold the entire financial margin of the healthcare delivery system, futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D., writes in Hospitals & Health Networks.  

Bundled payments: Lessons learned

As insurers move forward with bundled payment initiatives, they would benefit from learning from the experiences of programs that haven't succeeded, say two policy analyists in new Health Affairs blog.

Bipartisan Policy Center report breaks down healthcare reform challenges

The Bipartisan Policy Center released a white paper report offering legislative and regulatory recommendations regarding the challenges and opportunities for healthcare delivery system reform and the shift from volume- to value-based care.