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Latest Headlines

Preventive care saved Anthem Blue Cross $8M in 1 year

Anthem Blue Cross of California saved almost $8 million in just one year by emphasizing preventive care and paying its doctors additional money to give enhanced attention to patients with chronic conditions, including diabetes, asthma and congestive heart failure.

California insurers chided for Obamacare network errors

State regulators ruled last week that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California misled consumers about their Obamacare coverage.

Insurers push back against docs' 'Rolls Royce' treatments

As insurers increasingly deny treatment provided to members that they deem isn't medically necessary, some industry experts worry how there is no specific standard in the Affordable Care Act that states who determines what is a medical necessity, reported the  Los Angeles Daily News.

Lawsuit: Anthem mail-order pharmacy program discriminates

Anthem Blue Cross of California faces a lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against certain members with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and cancer, by forcing them to obtain prescriptions using a mail-order pharmacy.

UCLA, Cedars-Sinai dropped from provider network

One of California's largest health insurers is dropping two of the state's largest and most prestigious hospitals from a provider network for municipal employees, claiming their costs are too high, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Anthem settles lawsuit, stops 'death spiral' policies

Anthem Blue Cross in California has settled a class-action lawsuit, agreeing to stop dramatically rising premiums for about 122,000 of its members. The WellPoint (NYSE: WLP) subsidiary also will

Anthem still raising rates for some policyholders

Although Anthem Blue Cross of California announced last month it would lower or delay its planned May 1 rate increases for individual policyholders, it still plans to raise premium rates by as much

Does Blue Shield's rate hike retraction open the flood gates?

When you blink among a forest of eyes, does anyone actually see it? That question comes to mind with Blue Shield of California's recent decision to cancel a planned May 1 rate increase for its

Health Net settles charges of unfair policy cancellations

California health plan Health Net, along with two of its subsidiaries, has settled a lawsuit brought by the Los Angeles city attorney over charges that it improperly canceled members' policies. Under