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Latest Headlines

Insurers speak out against proposed wraparound benefits

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and America's Health Insurance Plans both oppose a proposed rule that would amend the definition of expected benefits to include wraparound coverage.

Glitches continue on Healthcare.gov, small business exchange

Despite all the improvements that federal officials have made to HealthCare.gov to prepare for the second enrollment period, insurers remain concerned that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hasn't perfected a system for informing them when existing consumers switch plans,  reported  the  Philadelphia Inquirer.

Insurers figure out ways to cover pricey treatments

To help defray the high costs of certain treatments and prescription drugs, like hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, insurers are figuring out different ways to cover the drugs and services by limiting who can have access to them, reported  Kaiser Health News.

Providers devise new fees to levy against patients

Challenged by insurers ratcheting down their payments, hospitals and medical groups are creating more fees and charges for patients to pay as part of the care they receive, The New York Times reported.

Insurers fight provider consolidation

As the trend toward hospital mergers a nd acquisitions  continues, America's Health Insurance Plans is pushing back against consolidation, saying it jeopardizes insurers' attempts to move toward a value-based reimbursement system

Is bigger better in healthcare?

I'm a fan of the mom-and-pop store. Even if it means paying a little more for the same product available at a big-box retailer, I would prefer shopping at a small, local store. That's because I tend to receive better customer service at the smaller shops where they personally value my business. And I would allege the same to be true in the healthcare industry.

AHIP slams pharma for taking advantage of insurers

America's Health Insurance Plans has called out the drug industry for the soaring costs of new specialty medications, saying such expensive pricing is unsustainable and takes unfair advantage of health insurers

Insurers must break consumers of choice habit

Narrow networks have become the favorite among insurers selling plans on health insurance exchanges. Now, insurers need to help convince consumers that they don't need more provider choices and it's better to save money instead.

Consumers usually win when they appeal claim denials

When consumers challenge a healthcare service their insurer denied, they win about half the time, data from California insurance departments show.

High costs for specialty drugs hit patients, payers

Insurers put certain pricey prescription drugs in specialty tiers that require members to pay more for them, causing some patient advocates to wonder whether they're trying to discourage consumers with pre-existing conditions from enrolling in their plans, a new analysis found.