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Latest Headlines

A 2006 healthcare bill could serve as foundation for a single-payer system

A decade-old plan with a focus on cost-sharing could help the country successfully transition to a universal healthcare program, according to a  Vox  blog post.

6 million Americans qualify for Medicaid but don't sign up

As many as six million Americans are eligible to get nearly free healthcare through Medicaid but don't sign up, according to an article from the  Wall Street Journal.

ACA enrollment advocates have uphill battle in Oklahoma

A group of Oklahoma insurance counselors are increasing their efforts to find people who are uninsured in the state and enroll them in coverage before the open enrollment period ends Jan. 31--a difficult task in a state staunchly opposed to the Affordable Care Act.  

Some millionaires qualify for health plan subsidies under the ACA

Due to a provision in the Affordable Care Act that bases subsidies on income rather than net worth, some millionaires are obtaining financial aid for their health plans, according to a  CNBC  article.  

House v. Burwell: What it means for insurers if the plaintiffs win

If the plaintiffs prevail in the challenge to the Affordable Care Act's cost-sharing reductions,  House v. Burwell, it could cause significant disruption to the ACA's non-group insurance marketplaces, according to a new report from the Urban Institute

Affordable Care Act improves Medicaid efficiency, enrollment

The Affordable Care Act helped states implement major technological upgrades to their Medicaid systems, as well as streamline both the enrollment and renewal processes and increase administrative effectiveness, according to new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  

How to fix the Affordable Care Act's major flaws

Despite surviving five years of skepticism and critical analyses, the Affordable Care Act has several major accomplishments to its name--yet it also suffers from some key drawbacks that policymakers must address, according to two prominent health policy experts.  

Are insurers to blame for skyrocketing drug prices?

Drug prices are increasing due to the fact that many health insurers cover few prescriptions, including those that are old and should be priced very low, Scott Gottleib of the American Enterprise Institute writes in a post for  Forbes.   

Public views of healthcare quality haven't changed since ACA implementation

A new Gallup poll finds that most Americans rate the quality of healthcare in the United States the same today as they did before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 

Losses lead UnitedHealth to rethink role in ACA exchanges

UnitedHealth Group has revised its earnings expectations for 2015 because of the "continuing deterioration" of how its Affordable Care Act marketplace products are performing, and the insurer is re-evaluating its participation in the individual exchanges.