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Latest Headlines

Few insurers use commercials to discuss reform

Although it may benefit insurers advertise the healthcare reform law and the new health insurance exchanges--and the plans they're selling on those online marketplaces--few insurers even talk about these topics in TV commercials, according to a report from Kantar Media.

Poll: 80% of uninsured know about individual mandate

More uninsured consumers are aware of the healthcare reform law's individual mandate, but they still don't know about the health insurance exchange, which is where they would most likely buy a health plan, according to a new Gallup poll.

Officials criticize Highmark, UPMC for 'attack' ads

Highmark and its rival University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have been scolded by Pennsylvania officials for a "lack of professionalism" surrounding negative ads both companies have launched.

In suit, UPMC accuses Highmark of false, misleading ad campaign

In a new advertising campaign, Highmark is falsely accusing UPMC hospitals of refusing to admit its members and denying care to thousands of people, according to a lawsuit filed by UPMC against Pennsylvania's largest insurer.

HCSC's 'social marketing marathon' educates consumers about exchanges

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) is taking matters into its own hands. Deciding not to rely on federal or state governments to inform and educate the public about the health insurance exchanges, it launched its own advertising campaign particularly aimed at the uninsured population in the four states where it operates Blue Cross Blue Shield plans--Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. 

Exchange simulation shows price trumps provider network

Several insurers preparing for the health insurance exchanges opening in October are researching how consumers will choose a health plan. The answer: low costs reported the Wall Street Journal.

Dueling ad campaigns seek to educate public about reform law

Advertisements and promotions for the healthcare reform law are starting to pop up throughout the country--both for and against the legislation.

New campaign aims to educate uninsured about exchanges

As a new campaign debuts this week to promote health insurance exchanges across the country, insurers might be getting some much-needed assistance to recruit consumers to the online marketplaces set to open this October.

Humana joins fight against premium tax

Some insurers, including Humana, are coming together to fund an advertising campaign against premium taxes required under the health reform law.

Blue Cross anti-obesity ads target parental impact

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota hopes to lower healthcare costs related to treating obesity by focusing on the example that parents set for their children when it comes to eating healthfully in a new set of TV ads.