Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

CMS report suggests a bright yet tough road for ACOs

Three additional ACOs left the Pio neer program this month, leaving just over half of the original 32 participants. 

Aetna, Banner score $5M in federal Shared Savings program

Leaders at Aetna and Banner Health Network report they have received some $5 million in Medicare Shared Savings funding for their successful accountable care collaboration in 2013, according to  Heraldonline.com.

3 ways ACOs may expand liability

Malpractice experts point out the ways accountable care organizations could be vulnerable to malpractice litigation, according to   Oncology Practice.

ACPE: Physician leadership linked to organizational success

The challenges facing healthcare organizations, including rising rates of chronic disease, clinician shortages and an aging population, require strong leadership--and new research presented by the American College of Physicians finds physicians fit the bill.

Physician pay mostly flat in 2014

Physician compensation stayed mostly stagnant and even declined for some specialties over the past year, trends that could reflect early changes in reimbursement related to the Affordable Care Act, according to  Medscape's 2014 Physician Compensation Report.

CMS releases first ACO outcomes data

Accountable care organizations have had varied success with diabetes and heart disease patients, according to a  Kaiser Health News  analysis of Medicare data.

ACOs not just for large practices

While large organizations, such as WESTMED Medical Group in New York have reported the most success in forming accountable care organizations, a handful of small family practices in Nebraska are confident that they won't just benefit financially from their ACOs, but will gain more satisfaction in the way they practice as well.

New York ACO announces big wins, plans to expand

Although participating in an accountable care organization hasn't worked for every practice, as evidenced by nine of Medicare's original 32 Pioneer ACOs dropping out of the program earlier this year, the model has worked even better than expected in other instances 

ACO slowdown expected to continue

Although the healthcare industry initially jumped on the accountable care organization (ACO) bandwagon to improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs and boost patient satisfaction, there has been little growth in new ACOs since September and it appears as if the downward trend will continue

ACOs get mixed reviews from physicians

While the jury is still out on accountable care organizations (ACOs), physicians have mixed opinions on the benefits of the ACO model, according to athenahealth's "Physician Sentiment Index."