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WellPoint (NYSE: WLP) Earnings Q3 2010

View WellPoint's (NYSE: WLP) Q3 Earnings Report 


  • Net income totaled $739.1 million or $1.84 per share, including net investment gains of $0.10 per share
  • Medical enrollment totaled 33.5 million members as of September 30, 2010, a drop 1.1 percent from Q3 2009
  • Selling, general and administrative expenses declined by $170 million from the last year's third quarter and the SG&A expense ratio declined by 30 basis points to 14.6 percent
  • Full year 2010 net income is now expected to be at least $6.60 per share, including net investment gains of $0.18 per share, partially offset by an impairment charge of $0.03 per share

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