Now you can read FierceHealthPayer all week!


Today is Monday, so of course you're reading the most recent issue of FierceHealthPayer. But tomorrow is Tuesday, and for the first time since FierceHealthPayer began publishing, you can read another new issue of our trusty newsletter, chock full of news about the latest goings on in the health insurance industry. The same goes for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, too.

As I'm sure you've already guessed, FierceHealthPayer is going daily starting this week. So you now will receive the latest new and exclusive content each and every day of the work week.

There's just too much happening in the industry, particularly with the healthcare reform law and the health insurance exchanges, to not present you all the information we possibly can.

The health insurance industry is changing and insurers are making big modifications to adjust to the times and survive and thrive in the post-reform market. There's also mergers and acquisitions, payment reform, business-to-consumer transformation, new competition from startup insurers, plus provider relationships and network changes to follow.

With all these fluctuations in the industry comes a bounty of news stories health plan leaders must stay on top of--everything from competitors' actions to the government's regulatory steps. We made the move to a daily newsletter as a sincere effort to help make your job easier.

So it's for you, dear readers, that we have expanded FierceHealthPayer to incorporate more news, original interviews and editorial commentaries. We will search the media with a fine-toothed comb to find the most interesting, relevant and timely news. And we will reach out to even more insurance executives to discuss business practices, exchanges approaches and compliance strategies. By providing even more wide-ranging information, we aim to help your organizations perform at a top notch level.

We are extraordinarily thankful for your readership and support. We hope you continue to enjoy the FierceHealthPayer newsletter, now on a daily basis. - Dina (@HealthPayer)