Holistic-focused wellness programs helped lower employees' health risks


Prudential Financial has implemented wellness programs, with a strong emphasis on holistic care, that have significantly lowered employees' health risks and decreased stress and depression among its workers.

In four years, Prudential's wellness programs have led to a "steady improvement" in its employees' health risks, including a 50 percent decrease in employees who are stratified with high risks. Plus, the company has seen a 25 percent boost in its employee presenteeism, according to Employee Benefits News.

"We've long believed what current research has substantiated [and that is] that when employees participate in health promotion programs, performance and engagement can increase," Prudential Financial Chief Medical Officer Andrew Crighton told EBN.

But Prudential's wellness program goes beyond many traditional company offerings because it aims to support employees living a healthy lifestyle--both at work and at home--while maximizing their vitality.

One of the keys to Prudential's success is that the company's leadership works to "encourage participation throughout all ranks" and "reinforce the idea that health is prioritized." That means Prudential's managing employees ensure they're "seen as accessible to employees who are having work/life challenges so they can champion helpful programs and encourage their use."

Indeed, its been shown that when executive teams embrace wellness programs, employees achieve better outcomes. But it's not only executives who must support a company's wellness initiative. Managers also can impact the program's success by celebrating when their employees reach certain goals, no matter how small, to help boost employee morale, FierceHealthPayer previously reported.

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