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Competing insurers collaborate on data-sharing project

Seven insurers set up all-payer claims database

Seven competing insurers in Colorado have decided to establish an online data-sharing tool to help improve the delivery of care throughout the state.

Inspired by the national Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, a program funded by the Affordable Care Act that aims to better align incentives to improve primary care, the Colorado CPC (CO CPC) aims to help primary care practices as they transition to a more integrated, family-centered approach to care, according to a statement.

To that end, CO CPC members--including Anthem, Cigna, Rocky Mountain Health Plans and UnitedHealth--are developing a tool that will store all patient information in a single claims database that doctors can access as needed, thereby saving them time and resources. Rhode Island launched a similar all-payer claims database last month.

"This represents an innovative solution to a longstanding problem," Kelly Henry, network director, payment innovation programs at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, said in the statement. "Too often, it's either feast or famine; providers either lack sufficient information or they are bombarded with too much. Now, we can provide them the right amount of information at the right time."

The CO CPC will let physician practices see information for all care that patients have received, providing a comprehensive review. An analytics and reporting tool linked to the should also allow providers to benchmark their own practices.

"Colorado continues to play a leading role in developing innovative solutions that build deeper relationships with care providers and help increase quality of care and reduce costs for patients," said Beth Soberg, president and CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Colorado. "This new initiative will simplify care providers' ability to access important patient information to help better manage population health."

To learn more:
- here's the statement

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