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Arkansas Blue Cross ditches its Explanation of Benefits for plain-English benefit statement

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Little Rock is phasing out its Explanation of Benefits statements and replacing them with twice-monthly "Personal Health Statements." The comprehensive benefit summaries will be written in everyday language to ensure that members understand how their claims are processed, and will include information about pharmacy benefits, personal health messages and reminders about periodic health screenings.

"We want the conversations we have with our members to be understandable, whether we're talking by telephone, through our websites or in any of our many written pieces of communication," says Karen Raley, vice president of communications and product development.

The PHS will still include the detailed claims data provided in the EOB, but will include additional information such as pharmacy information (e.g., list of medications and dosage) and personal health information and reminders (e.g., when it's time to schedule recommended health screenings).

To learn more:
- read the press release
- view a sample PHS at the Arkansas Blue Cross website

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