Oscar Insurance

Innovation meets insurance: 5 disruptive payers

By Dina Overland

Disrupter: Oscar Insurance Corp

Disrupting: Online experience

Details: Aiming to reinvent consumers' online experience, upstart insurer Oscar Insurance Corp. has created a completely new kind of online presence that's easy and transparent for consumers. "It's hard to increment from status quo that is built upon an old system" where the consumer is considered an afterthought, Oscar Co-Founder Kevin Nazemi said during AHIP Institute 2014.

That's why Oscar built a revolutionary website where consumers can get quotes for available plans in less than 30 seconds with just a few clicks. The company aims for a website that provides a simple, user-friendly experience.

On the Oscar homepage, for example, consumers can choose from a few options. If they choose "talk with a doctor," consumers can initiate a free televisit. If they choose "find care," a search engine appears, allowing consumers to look for doctors, hospitals, medications and other terms. And when consumers select a provider type, the website loads map results for available in-network doctors.