3 ways payer-led ACOs achieve the triple aim

Innovation, technology and provider relationships are the first steps to success

By Dori Zweig

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have the power to transform the healthcare industry. But in order to do so, they must achieve the triple aim: reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve care quality.

ACOs employ a variety of business models, but payer-led ACOs are showing signs of success. For example, Kentucky-based Humana married providers' clinical expertise with the insurer's business views to drive more integrated care, according to Humana Chief Medical Officer Roy Beveridge, M.D., (pictured right).

A well-functioning and performing ACO is assembled like a jigsaw puzzle--find the pieces, make sure they fit ... and voila. Often times, however, that is easier said then done.

Still, payer-led ACOs provide a bright spot. Click the links below to learn how a payer-led ACO can achieve triple aim success by innovating, using advanced technology and data analytics and creating sound partnerships with providers.