WEBINAR: The Road to Population Health Management: Do You Have the Right Vehicle?


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Payers and providers navigating care management programs over the last 20 years can tell you it’s been a rough ride on a road lined with signs promising direct routes to higher value care, but providing incomplete directions and unreliable indications of road conditions. The intended destination is high-quality, lower-cost healthcare; however, the route has been far from straight, and the vehicles to get there, rarely easy to drive.

Today, the moniker "Population Health Management (PHM)" is in vogue for referencing this expansive destination, and payers and providers are looking for more sophisticated technology to get them there. Yet, it will take more than just a new vehicle to reach the end of the road; payers and providers must make changes in how they drive.

Join TriZetto's CMIO, Dr. Jeffrey Rose, as he discusses the technological and institutional changes needed to build accountable care capabilities that will drive payers, providers, and consumers to the destination of Population Health Management.




Jeffrey S. Rose, M.D.
Chief Medical Information Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Rose, M.D., serves as the chief medical information officer (CMIO) of physician markets. His in-depth knowledge of health information technology and clinical needs enables him to serve our growing provider client base and support the company's payer-provider connectivity solutions. As CMIO, Dr. Rose is responsible for providing a physician's perspective to enhance our provider product offerings. His longstanding leadership in advancing health information technology and industry collaboration brings unique insights that will help us advance solutions that serve all healthcare constituents.



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