eBrief | Payers Embrace Big Data

The insurance industry’s risk of loss to fraud is staggering. Just one level of upcoding can cause an insurer to lose more than $50,000 per practitioner annually. As a result, health plans are increasingly tapping into their massive data troves to identify fraudulent patterns – and pinpoint wasteful business processes.

“The data tell a story. You just have to decipher it,” says Alanna Lavelle, director of investigations at WellPoint, Inc.

Throughout this eBrief, you’ll discover how WellPoint, Aetna and other health payers are using data to drive down costs and streamlining workflows. You’ll also learn how health plans are using predictive analytics to stop fraud before it starts, thereby avoiding the frustrating and costly game of pay-and-chase.

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  • 4 retrospective analysis techniques that foil fraud
  • How payers are using “social network analytics” to identify suspect relationship between people, businesses
  • 6 ways to comb through data retrospectively
  • Key ratios to that shine a light on fraud schemes


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