Cigna spending $25M to market to individuals

In another sign that health reform--the individual insurance mandate and new exchange marketplaces, in particular--is changing the health insurance landscape, Cigna has announced that it will focus on selling health plans to individuals instead of employers.

The insurer is spending $25 million to rebrand itself with a new logo that's softer and less corporate-looking, and is also establishing a new social presence and using television and print advertising, reports the Hartford Courant. Its marketing campaign is built around the slogan "Go You" and will start running nationally on several cable and broadcast networks, as well as in magazines and on websites, according to a company press release.

Cigna's decision to focus on individuals, which currently only comprise 1 percent to 2 percent of its revenue, is likely the start of a trend where health payers attempt to more aggressively attract the individual insurance market, reports the Washington Post. In fact, 73 percent of insurers say they plan to increase individual market business as the segment expands substantially within the next few years.

"The insurance industry is one that has traditionally been oriented around services to an employer or a government entity," said Cigna CEO David Cordani. "We want to orient around the individual." He clarified that means consumers who get insurance through their jobs as well as individuals who purchase coverage their own, notes the WSJ.

Additionally, Cigna said it's designing health insurance aimed at particular populations. In Pennsylvania, for example, the insurer is trying a program for families with a member who is autistic, including advice from a care manager and discounts for some therapy. It also is beefing up its direct-to-consumer website and will hire about 500 people in customer service and other positions, notes the WSJ.

To learn more:
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