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Dina Overland is the editor of FierceHealthPayer. Prior to working with FierceMarkets, Dina wrote monthly newsletters on HIPAA and medical privacy issues, nursing home regulations, and food labeling laws. She also blogged for Prevention magazine. Based in the New Orleans area, Dina is a freelance writer, blogger, and indexer. She has a passion for maintaining a healthful, balanced lifestyle that incorporates many alternative and holistic medicines. Dina can be reached at [email protected]. Follow @HealthPayer on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

Articles by Dina Overland

Reform law could block 3M kids from dental coverage

Dental benefits in health insurance exchanges plans is often sold separately and is optional for children. Some experts believe this flawed implementation could mean millions of children will lack dental coverage and lead to an increase in tooth decay, which already is the most common chronic childhood disease, reported the New York Times.

Insurers don't want charities paying for consumers

A charity in Los Angeles wants to sign up 50 uninsured consumers to plans sold through California's health insurance exchange, but insurers are pushing back, saying the program would bring in too many sick and expensive people.

Public divided over reform law, poll finds

Public opinion of the reform law is almost evenly divided, though the number of people opposing it has declined, according to a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post.

We need more accurate information about healthcare reform

Despite all the attention the federal health insurance exchange website, HealthCare.gov, has received, confusion and misinformation abounds. Just the other day, my mother-in-law called me based on...

Feds reject Iowa charging premiums to poor Medicaid members

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services approved Iowa's partially privatized plan to expand Medicaid, which is more stringent than other states, but it rejected part of the plan that would have required very poor Medicaid members to pay premiums.

Some health exchanges are better than others

In the two months since health insurance exchanges have been open to the public, it's clear the state-run marketplaces have fared better than their federal counterpart. Exchanges are running smoothly in four states, in particular, primarily because of simple and well-tested functions.

AHIP: 8 innovative ways to increase members' health literacy

Are insurers providing their members with clear and easy-to-understand information about their health and benefits? America's Health Insurance Plans looked into that question and identified eight key approaches that some insurers are taking to boost their members' health literacy in a new report.

3 over-hyped healthcare reform stories

Health reform-related stories have certainly been extremely popular this year throughout all media sources, whether industry-focused or mainstream. However, there's been a fair share of stories...

White House pressures remaining states to expand Medicaid

The White House has launched a media blitz hoping to convince 20 states to expand their Medicaid programs under the healthcare reform law. Most recent efforts focus on North Carolina, which has one of the highest uninsured rates among African Americans.

How will 'window shopping' affect coverage choices?

The Obama administration and insurers have been touting low premiums for plans sold on the health insurance exchange, but the ability to "window shop" on HealthCare.gov could impact consumers' plan choices. The window shopping feature, which was expanded as part of the Nov. 30 reboot to HealthCare.gov, allows consumers check out plans available in their area without first creating an account.