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Latest Headlines

Ambulance companies and patients entwined in Medicare fraud investigations

Ambulance fraud investigations are going after patients that took kickbacks from companies that have been convicted of fraud, according to the  Philadelphia Business Journal.

Chiropractors, physicians busted for fraud schemes in New Jersey

Two separate criminal indictments resulted in the arrest of eight New Jersey providers, three of whom are chiropractors, for allegedly participating in fraud schemes that illegally siphoned patient referrals to other practitioners and a diagnostic imaging company.

New York City's unregulated 'three-quarter houses' ripe with Medicaid fraud

Recovering drug addicts and homeless residents in New York City have been the target of an ongoing scam involving unregulated "three-quarter houses" and drug treatment programs that paid kickbacks on Medicaid reimbursement.

Healthcare, FIFA and the common threads of fraud

Last week, the DOJ handed down an indictement against FIFA, the governing body of international soccer that organizes the World Cup. It shocked the sports world, but the indictment laid out a scheme that was not structurally different than the ones that emerge from the healthcare industry. Just as healhtcare fraud schemes ultimately trickle down to patients, the allegations against FIFA have a wide-ranging impact. 

Bad (fraud) habits die hard

Last week, PharMerica Corp. paid $31.5 million to settle claims that it prescribed Schedule II drugs without a prescription. The recent settlement caps off a decade's worth of accusations, ranging from kickbacks to overbilling Medicaid programs, indicating the company has made a habit of fraudulant business practices. Rather than impose another corporate integrity agreement, investigators may be better served turning a critical eye to the company's top brass. 

Tenet Healthcare reveals criminal probe into kickback allegations

In security filings earlier this month, Tenet Healthcare Corp. revealed that it is weathering parallel criminal and civil investigations from federal prosecutors regarding allegations that executives of the Dallas-based company paid kickbacks to medical clinics for patient referrals.  

Couple pleads guilty to kickback scheme involving 10 imaging centers

Another husband-and-wife team pleaded guilty to orchestrating a kickback scheme in New Jersey by paying physicians thousands of dollars each month in exchange for patient referrals to one of their 10 medical imaging centers, according to a release by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General.

Accredo Health Group pays $60 million for accepting kickbacks for drug refills

Following a $15 million settlement by BioScrip in January, another specialty pharmaceutical provider has agreed to a multi-million settlement for taking kickbacks from the drug manufacturer Novartis, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.

Hospital, psychiatrists in Texas feel blowback from kickback schemes

Kickback schemes involving state employees and healthcare facilities are alive and well in Texas. Over the last several weeks, separate fraud investigations have cost one hospital more than $21 million and forced the resignation of two state psychiatrists who took payments from AstraZeneca. 

Whistleblower lawsuit accuses AIDS Healthcare Foundation of $20 million kickback scheme

Three former managers of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) have filed a lawsuit against the nation's largest provider of medical care for HIV and AIDs, alleging violations of the False Claims Act and the Anti-Kickback Statute.