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Fraud trends: FCA cases, physician pay will loom large in 2016

With fewer False Claims Act recoveries, some might say 2015 was a down year for federal fraud enforcement. But attorneys across the country say federal policy changes and FCA trends will keep fraud concerns high on the government's radar in the coming year.  

Cancer care company reaches $20M settlement for unnecessary tests

One of the largest cancer care providers in the country agreed to pay nearly $20 million to resolve claims that it incentivized physicians to order unnecessary urine screening tests used to detect bladder cancer, according to the Department of Justice.. 

In the choppy waters of FCA recoveries, whistleblowers still steer the ship

Last week, the Department of Justice released its annual report on False Claims Act recoveries in fiscal year 2015. Considering last year's historic $5.7 billion total, it was a little surprising--at least initially--to see FCA recoveries had dropped 40 percent. But there are a few explanations for the decline. Most importantly, it appears the government is struggling to keep pace with the flood of whistleblower claims, but recent announcements indicate the feds are in the middle of regrouping and could be joining up with whistleblowers with even more ferocity. 

Public-private partnerships critical in $390M Novartis settlement

A collaborative effort that included both public and private legal teams was a critical element in forcing Novartis into a $390 million settlement finalized last month, according to a  Bloomberg BNA  Q&A with one of the whistleblower attorneys involved in the case.  

Looking for a last-minute tax break? How about a billion-dollar FCA settlement?

Did you know that there's a unique tax deduction reserved for largest healthcare corporations embroiled in False Claims Act charges? According to a report from the U.S. PIRG, the vast majority of settlement dollars can be classified as a tax deductible business expense. Act now, and you can lower your 2015 tax burden with a simple billion-dollar settlement before the end of the year. 

False Claims Act recoveries drop nearly 40 percent in 2015

Following a record-setting 2014, civil False Claims Act recoveries saw a 39 percent decline in 2015, dropping to $3.5 billion overall, according to figures released by the Department of Justice

Deputy AG clarifies changes to the United States Attorney's Manual

Two months after sending a memo to federal prosecutors across the country, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has finalized changes to the United States Attorney's Manual (USAM), which solidifies its new approach to prosecuting individuals involved in white collar crime.

Why Medicare should adopt the credit card industry's approach to fraud detection

In a recent  Wall Street Journal  editorial, attorney Hank B. Walther asks why Medicare can't take the same approach to fraudlent claims as credit card companies do to questionable charges.

DOJ's new compliance counsel to provide 'reality check'

There's a new face at the Department of Justice this week, and it's one that the agency hopes will provide a "reality check" for corporate compliance programs throughout the country.

Healthcare executives beware: The DOJ wants you

A new memo released by the Department of Justice adds another layer to the evolution of federal prosecution and investigations into white-collar crime. The memo outlines new and retooled guidelines that focus on holding individuals accountable for corporate misdeeds, a message that seemed to be directed at the financial industry, but could have just as many implications when it comes to multimillion-dollar healthcare fraud schemes. For healthcare executives, it's a clear warning that the DOJ is watching them closely.