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Latest Headlines

Economy, not ACA, caused healthcare spending slowdown

The recent slowdown in healthcare spending is likely due to economic factors rather than the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new study in Health Affairs.

KLAS: Many docs increasingly consider replacing their ambulatory EHRs

Electronic health record vendors take note: More than a quarter of physician practices are in the market to replace their EHRs, and others wish they could, according to a new report from Orem, Utah-based KLAS Research.

Cyberinsurance: A breach savior for healthcare providers, but read the fine print

Cyberinsurance can be instrumental in weathering a security breach of a provider's electronic health record system, but purchasers should review policies carefully since they vary widely, according to attorney Scott Godes, with Barnes & Thornburg in the District of Columbia.

Concierge physician contracts under fire

With 4,000 to 8,000 fee-based practices so far, concierge practices continue to gain in popularity throughout the country. And as more physicians look to profit from the model, one of the movement's leaders, MDVIP, is under fire for what some competitors argue is an unfair monopoly in several U.S. cities, including Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta and Houston, the  Boston Globe  reported.

6 ways provider networks can help minorities access care

If insurers implement certain standards into their provider networks, they can help minority populations receive better care and thereby lower costs, according to a new issue brief from Families USA.

What the Chinese healthcare system could learn from ours

It seems China is beating us on every front. They've got some 7,000 miles of high-speed rail tracks, while we have managed to manufacture at least that many arguments against building a...

A primer on how for-profit hospitals operate

In New Jersey, where for-profit hospital operators are rapidly transforming healthcare delivery, the Bergen County Record has compiled an action list of how they operate in order to maximize their bottom lines.

Strategic hospital room design hastens patient recovery, minimizes staff errors

Patient room design may do more than boost patient satisfaction--it could actually reduce the amount of pain patients experience, lead to shorter hospital stays and decrease physician and staff errors.

Mayo reports big boost to bottom line

The insured patient generation created by the Affordable Care Act is gravy for the Mayo Clinic.

Study: Patients often unaware of, unimpressed with portals

Patient engagement via portals may be a major focus of Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, but a new survey finds that patients are slow to use the tools and are often frustrated with them.