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Latest Headlines

Study: Consumers unfairly penalized by medical debt

Consumers paying off medical debt could be better off if credit bureaus treated it differently than the other bills they service, the  Washington Post  reported.

Providers have issues with value-based payments

Providers are conflicted over value-based payment models, according to a new study by Availity.

VA scandal grows to 26 facilities

The investigation into allegations that a Phoenix Veterans hospital used a secret waitlist to cover up treatment delays that may have led to the deaths of 40 veterans, now involves 26 facilities throughout the nation, officials at the Office of Inspector General at the Veterans Affairs Department told the Associated Press.

Cost plays major role in enrollment decisions

About half of uninsured Americans who did not enroll in a healthcare reform plan blamed high costs, according to a recent Enroll America survey.

Ease providers' value-based concerns

When it comes to value-based payment, providers aren't sure if they like the new reimbursement model. They're primarily concerned about coordination of care, data accuracy and staff acceptance of the changes.

Obama calls for nationwide investigation of VA facilities

President Barack Obama today made his strongest statements yet against the alleged cover up of a secret wait list at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities, stating that if the claims are true, he will hold individuals accountable.

More women heading health plans

While it's rare to find companies in the business industry where women chair the boards, two of the biggest health insurers in Massachusetts have a Madam Chair, according to the  Boston Globe.

Gov't could pay hospitals extra $5B due to two-midnight rule delay

The government may pay hospitals as much as $5 billion because of the 18-month enforcement delay of the two-midnight rule, a representative from Health Data Insights, an independent Medicare auditing company, told the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health during a hearing on Tuesday.

Hospitals to provide 'navigators' to assist state surveyors

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has put hospitals and critical access hospitals on notice that they may need to provide an electronic health record "navigator" to a state surveyor in order to comply with state survey requirements.

Resident: Hospitals pay young docs unfair wages

Hospitals treat resident physicians as a revenue source and depress wages for the doctors-in-training, Jacob Sunshine writes in an opinion piece published on  Slate.