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Latest Headlines

Data undermine Medicare reform proposals

Results of an analysis by the Medicare Rights Center argue against Medicare reform proposals that would place a greater financial burden on beneficiaries. Instead, the Center's report recommends strengthening Medicare's low-income protections and prioritizing funding for consumer outreach and counseling to improve access to affordable healthcare coverage.

WellPoint: Cancellation letters led to rise in healthcare utilization

Healthcare utilization increased last year because when consumers received cancellation letters, many rushed to seek care and treatments before they lost their health coverage, WellPoint said Wednesday when it announced its fourth-quarter earnings.

10 ways practices can improve the patient experience

No matter how wonderful of an experience you provide to patients, chances are there's still room for improvement. That's not just my opinion as a bystander, but a clear finding of a recent...

Leaving private practice? Plan exit strategy early

Should you stay or should you go? When it comes to contemplating whether you want to be in independent practice, the questions hardly stop there. A recent article from  Physicians Practice  and a post from  Healthcare Finance News  outline some important considerations for moving forward with either choice.

Sign of the times: Primary care office posts price list

Amid an industry wide push to increase healthcare price transparency, Express Family Care, a direct-pay primary and urgent care practice in Roanoke, Va., is gaining attention for a business model insiders say may become more widespread, the  Roanoke Times  reported.

3 free ways to please employees

Keeping employees happy and motivated doesn't have to break the bank. A recent post offered three free (or cost saving) ways to keep staff motivated: 

Specialist physician income, costs keep rising

Specialists that focus on minor but lucrative procedures not only earn big bucks, they also drive up healthcare costs, the  New York Times  reported. 

WellPoint, other big-name insurers donate millions for politics, lobbying

Top U.S. corporations gave $185 million in one year to about 1,000 politically active nonprofits, and WellPoint ranked as the second biggest donor, according to a new report from the Center for Public Integrity.

Ruling: Subsidies available on both federal and state exchanges

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that low- and middle-income people could obtain health insurance subsidies regardless of whether they bought coverage through the federal insurance exchange or state-run marketplaces.

Current insurance climate still undermines preventive care, physician says

Because of a health system that rewards disease treatment more than prevention, MDPrevent--a practice in Delray Beach, Fla., focused on primary disease prevention largely through lifestyle counseling--was forced to close its doors after just three years, according to Steven Charlap, M.D., the group's founder.