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Latest Headlines

Insurers: Create compelling strategies to motivate consumers to use wearable devices

As insurers increasingly promote wearable devices like FitBit in wellness programs and other initiatives, three University of Pennsylvania medical professors warn that they don't actually lead to behavior change--unless people who actually need the devices wear them consistently and use them correctly, according to a recent editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Payers well-positioned to transform healthcare industry in 2015

Good news, payers: You are well-positioned to save a somewhat struggling health insurance industry. Payers can use  their market power to establish new, innovative trends that enable quality of care and drive down costs.

Stage is set for payers to transform industry in 2015

Good news, payers: You are well positioned to save a somewhat struggling health insurance industry.  While, at times, payers have been deemed rather unpopular, this sets them up to be unlikely heroes,  according to the  Harvard Business Review.

Help payers, employers and members set wellness resolutions for 2015

Jan. 1 officially kicks off New Year's resolution season. Wellness--whether in the form of exercising more, eating better or simply practicing healthier habits--often tops the to-do list for...

For wellness programs, choice is often sharing personal health data or paying a fine

Consumers are hesitant to participate in employer wellness programs, fearing that their health records will be on public display,  reported  Bloomberg. Nearly 80 percent of large employers offer wellness programs. About a third of them assess employees a fine if they choose to not participate.

CEOs threaten to derail ACA over wellness programs

The chief executives of some major companies are considering withdrawing their support of the Affordable Care Act after the Obama administration sued one of the country's most successful wellness programs offered by Honeywell, reported Reuters.

Holistic-focused wellness programs helped lower employees' health risks

Prudential Financial has implemented wellness programs, with a strong emphasis on holistic care, that have significantly lowered employees' health risks and decreased stress and depression among its workers.

Multi-year health plans could aid member retention, wellness and DM efforts

Payers who want to retain members long-term and keep them healthy might want to consider offering multi-year insurance exchange contracts, according to a Health Affairs blog post. Insurers are...

Why wellness programs should use positive incentives instead of negative consequences

I did a lot of shaking my head as I wrote about Honeywell's wellness program last week. The New Jersey-based company is planning on penalizing employees who don't participate in health screenings. And a federal judge just sanctioned those penalties, which include fining employees $500 fine for not undergoing biometric screenings and withholding $1,500 annually in company contributions to employees' health savings accounts for not undergoing wellness screenings like blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tests.

Judge: Wellness programs can penalize non-participants

Wellness prorams in the workplace, like the one New Jersey-based Honeywell is planning to implement next year, can penalize employees for not participating, according to a federal judge's decision,  Business Insurance  reported.