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Latest Headlines

Medicare bundled payment project could guide other payers' strategies

Through its bundled payments pilot program, the Medicare program is currently testing models that it hopes will encourage higher-quality, lower-cost care and ultimately influence how other payers design their own alternative payment models, according to a policy brief from  Health Affairs.  

Payers, providers push manufacturers toward value-based deals

As the healthcare industry continues to transition to value-based payment models, insurers and hospital groups increasingly want drug and device manufacturers to link their prices to results.  

3 factors that will transform Medicare

Although Medicare was built on a failing model of fee-for-service, the nation's largest insurer has been making plans to transform itself into the future, say two health policy experts.

CMS to transform hip and knee replacement payment model

Medicare will now pay providers who perform hip and knee replacement surgeries based on their ability to deliver high-quality, low-cost care under a five-year initiative announced Thursday by the federal government. 

Shared savings: The key to patient-centered medical home success?

Patient-centered medical homes may have the most success in their mission to improve care quality and lower hospital utilization when they offer financial incentives for participants in the form of shared savings, a new study suggests.

SGR repeal won't save all docs from Medicare payment cuts

While providers and industry groups hailed Tuesday's long-awaited repeal of the controversial Sustainable Growth Rate formula, some doctors who treat Medicare patients will still see the 21 percent reimbursement cuts that the Senate's last-minute vote was intended to avoid,  The Hill  reports.

What the SGR repeal means for value-based payment models

Mere hours after the Senate pulled off a last-minute repeal of the long-problematic Sustainable Growth Rate formula, panelists at a forum hosted by the National Coalition on Health Care made it clear that while the "doc fix" bill represents a major step forward, it is only one piece of the healthcare reform puzzle.

4 strategies to fix the U.S. healthcare system

As the shift to value-based payment models picks up steam, this factor alone isn't enough to fundamentally change the way care is delivered, Duncan Maru, M.D., Ph.D., writes in a piece for  Harvard Business Review.

How a high-intensity, 'hybrid' approach can cut hospital readmissions

The rise of value-based payment models has made hospital readmission reduction a top priority for providers, and strategies abound for how to tackle this often-thorny issue. Perhaps the most effective approach to take, then, is one that blends two of the most effective care-coordination methods, according to  Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

Expanded scope of practice may boost patient outcomes, transition to value-based care

As many states expand the role of advanced-practice registered nurses and nurse practitioners, there's plenty of reasons to welcome this latest shift in the healthcare landscape, according to  Healthcare Finance.