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Latest Headlines

3 reasons healthcare pros should join Twitter

Truth be told, I was fairly late to the social media party. I understood the professional networking benefits of LinkedIn, but despite my friends extolling the virtues of connecting on Facebook, I didn't get the appeal of people sharing the everyday minutiae of their lives.

State exchange looks to Twitter to enroll young adults

Washington state's Health Benefit Exchange is using events, social media and advertising to increase enrollment before the March 31 deadline, the Puget Sound Business Journal reported.

3 mistakes to avoid after social media bashing

Now that social media has a strong presence in consumers' lives, one person's negative experience with a company easily can become a public relations nightmare as the story gets shared repeatedly across various online sites.

Consumers use Twitter to reach out to insurers

Many consumers can't get through to insurers due to long customer service wait times, so they're turning to social media--Twitter in particular--to express their complaints and criticisms. And insurers are listening, often responding directly to consumers with ways to immediately rectify the problems.

Let's defy reform naysayers, fear mongers

That old adage, the only constant in life is change, is quite appropriate to the shifts occurring throughout the health insurance industry as a result of the reform law. Change is admittedly hard...

Docs increasingly monitoring online reviews

Cognizant that online reviews increasingly are swaying patient decisions about medical care, more and more doctors are monitoring such reviews about themselves, according to the results of a new physician survey.

How Tweet chats can enhance your hospital's brand

By Nancy Cawley Jean If you're on Twitter, you've probably heard of chats--they're live discussions on certain topics using a specified hashtag. It's a great, easy way for people to...

Do patients put too much stock in online research?

U.S. consumers spend roughly 52 hours a year--one hour per week--searching online for health information, while in-person doctor visits occur three times annually, according to a new survey conducted by healthcare marketing firm Makovsky Health and research consultancy Kelton.

Top 3 hospitals on social media

Hospital jargon isn't just about medicine anymore. Does your hospital tweet? Post to Facebook? Is it on Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn or Tumblr? MHADegree.org recently examined the most popular social media networks to rank the 50 most socially engaged hospitals.

Insurers increase their Twitter presence to manage image

As consumers take more frequently to social media, particularly Twitter, insurers are adjusting their customer service approach to include a greater social media presence, hoping to market products and communicate with consumers, reported  Kaiser Health News.