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Latest Headlines

Earnings reports from insurers, hospitals send conflicting messages

The earnings reports from insurers and hospitals for the second quarter of this year have conflicting messages--hospitals are seeing a growth in volume while insurers are seeing a slower cost trend. Aetna, WellPoint and UnitedHealth all said costs are under control and the trends are moderate. And Cigna even lowered its cost outlook, believing the increase this year will be between 4.5 percent and 5.5 percent, reported  Kaiser Health News.

Post-ACA, "non-merger-mergers" pick up steam

"Strategic alliances" between hospitals are now more popular than mergers,  California HealthLine  reports.

The unhealthy payer-provider marriage

Trust is what makes all good relationships work. Whether with spouses, families, friends or business partners, trust is the cornerstone of a strong, healthy bond. Newly engaged, I've found...

Hospital mergers and acquisitions increased in 2013

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) increased among hospitals and health systems in 2013, according to a new analysis by Kaufman Hall.

Patients push back against hospital facility fees

Patients, fed up with the facility fees that many hospitals and healthcare systems impose on them, may soon refuse to pay the charges, the  Miami Herald  repo rted.

CT hospitals pushing transparency on facility fees

The Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) is pushing its members to disclose the fees they charge to patients prior to treatment, the  Hartford Courant  reported.

HMA facing flurry of whistleblower suits

Florida-based for-profit hospital operator Health Management Associates, already under fire from a former chief financial officer for one of its facilities in Georgia, has disclosed that it is facing several federal whistleblower suits.

Tenet CEO: Environment ripe for acquisitions

The healthcare market is ripe for hospital acquisitons and few smaller systems will survive, Tenet Healthcare's chief executive officer told Bloomberg News.

Government shutdown results in a variety of reactions from providers

Healthcare providers have had a variety of reactions to last week's shutdown of the federal government.

Tenet wants to move into states with large numbers of uninsured

At a time when many hospitals would find large numbers of uninsured potential patients unappealing, for-profit hospital operator Tenet Healthcare is pursuing what appears to be a diametrically opposed policy,  CNBC  reported.