Technical Glitches

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Obama orders tech surge to fix exchange website problems

President Barack Obama said there's no excuse for the technical glitches that have beleaguered the health insurance exchanges since opening and  he's taking steps to remove the problems.

Exchanges still struggle with technical problems

Although the Obama administration has been working non-stop the last three weeks to fix the technical problems associated with the federal health insurance exchanges, new issues keep creeping up that prevent consumers from accessing the online marketplaces

CO-OPs adjust business plans after exchange problems

Few insurers have as much to gain--or lose--by the success of the health insurance exchanges than consumer oriented and operated plans (CO-OPs). As the newcomers to the health insurance industry, they need the online marketplaces to recruit members and build their business.

Experts fear exchange glitches will worsen

We all know the launch of health insurance exchanges have been inundated with technical glitches and other problems that hindered the enrollment process. Industry experts now are worried those hitches may not only continue but also may worsen.

Experts: Don't believe all the exchange enrollment predictions

Tuesday's opening of the health insurance exchanges saw a lot of activity. Amid the technical glitches and strong consumer interest there also was plenty of dialogue among politicians, industry experts, insurers and regulators.