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Latest Headlines

3 steps to reduce Medicaid churn

With the Affordable Care Act providing broader access to insurance, states and insurers are both working to prevent new health plan members from coverage disruptions when they transition between different plan types. Read for three steps  states and insurers can take to reduce churn.

IRS providing correct subsidies for exchange shoppers

The Internal Revenue Service correctly calculated subsidies for consumers shopping on the health insurance exchanges, according to a new audit report released to the public this week from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

The costly side effects of the Halbig v. Burwell subsidy ruling

About 4.6 million people in 34 states could lose their premium subsidies if an appeals court ruling in  Halbig v. Burwell, which states that subsidies are illegal on federal exchanges, stands. What's more, there are roughly 9.5 million uninsured Americans who are eligible for subsidies in states with federal marketplaces, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Young adults not as crucial to reform success

Opinions vary regarding the belief that enrolling  young adults may determine reform success. On one hand, experts believe that the number of young adult sign-ups and the male-to-female ratio will determine success. On the other hand, some say that having more young, healthy people purchasing healthcare is not as crucial as people think, according to an opinion piece published by  Philly.com.

Subsidy rulings mean more enrollment work for insurers

Given the opposing opinions coming out of two separate court rulings regarding Affordable Care Act subsidies, there's bound to be confusion among consumers interested in signing up for coverage during the next enrollment period.

Appeals courts disagree on whether ACA subsidies are legal

In only one day, the Obama administration suffered a potentially huge loss followed by a victory regarding the legality of Affordable Care Act subsidies and whether consumers buying coverage through the federal health insurance exchange can receive financial assistance.

HealthCare.gov subsidy eligibility flawed, OIG finds

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been struggling to verify whether consumers who signed up for insurance coverage through HealthCare.gov are actually eligible for the subsidies they received, according to a report from the Office of Inspector General.

Health reform subsidies cut premiums by 76%

Individuals who purchased coverage under the Affordable Care Act this year pay $80 a month in average premiums, according to a report released today by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Feds issue incorrect subsidies

Hundreds of thousands of people may have received larger subsidies than they deserve, due to inaccurate income information, reports the Washington Post.

Qualified consumers receive $10B in premium subsidies

Consumers have qualified for nearly $10 billion in subsidies to help them purchase private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, finds a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation.