Smoking Cessation Program

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Latest Headlines

E-cigarettes: New challenge to smoking cessation coverage

Sometimes you just have to rip the Band-Aid right off--in one fell swoop. It may be scary, uncomfortable and even painful, but doing something right the first time often leads to positive results...

Insurers can raise premiums for smokers under reform

A rarely talked about provision within the health reform law allows insurers to charge its members who smoke higher premiums than other members starting next year.

Why wouldn't insurers cover smoking cessation?

We recently reported that health insurers still aren't providing smoking cessation programs , despite the reform law requiring them to cover such preventive programs. The ones that do offer...

Insurers should spark smoking cessation programs

Health insurers could give members a huge boost toward reaching a common health goal--to quit smoking--and make some money while they're at it. That's based on new study results showing the