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Latest Headlines

E-cigarettes: New challenge to smoking cessation coverage

Sometimes you just have to rip the Band-Aid right off--in one fell swoop. It may be scary, uncomfortable and even painful, but doing something right the first time often leads to positive results...

Inpatients continue to smoke during hospital stay

New research in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that roughly one in five patients who smoked before admission continued to light up while hospitalized.

Hospitals smoking out smokers with hiring bans

Baylor Health Care in Texas is among the latest hospitals that are barring smokers from their hiring process. Starting on Jan. 1, Baylor will no longer hire anyone who smokes or uses nicotine

Hospitals go smoke free with mild success

Organizations that implement smoke-free campuses show that about 10 percent of smokers kick the habit, reports The Tennessean . However, that leaves the other 90 percent to smoke in other public areas

Hospitals advocate for bargain CT scans

With ongoing debates about inappropriate CT scan use, hospitals are using inexpensive CT scanners on smokers to screen for lung cancer, Kaiser Health News and The Washington Post report.

Hospitals won't get financial help to treat smokers

The tobacco industry prevailed over a group of Midwest hospitals seeking reimbursement for treating uninsured smokers. A federal court jury held for the tobacco industry in the case of the City of

Medicaid program mulls fees for obese, smokers, diabetics

Looking to squeeze more savings out of its Medicaid program, the state of Arizona, is considering imposing fees on enrollees who smoke or are obese or diabetic, reports CNN Money. A $50 fee would be

Researchers caution against screening for lung cancer without symptoms

Despite the well-established link between lung cancer and smoking, a new study reveals that CT scans in asymptomatic smokers may be more harmful than helpful. According to new research by the