small business health options program (SHOP)

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Latest Headlines

Insurers: Time is right to enter private exchange business

There's no time like the present for health insurance companies to get into the private exchange business. That's the opinion of many industry experts, and even payers, who believe the private exchange industry is poised for "extreme growth."

Private health insurance exchange enrollment tops 6 million

Six million Americans used a private insurance exchange to enroll in employer benefits programs for 2015, according to a new report from Accenture. That's double the number of 2014 enrollees--and it's a growth rate that the consultancy expects to continue into 2018.

Healthcare reform law holds up Obama appointment for non-healthcare role

The latest Capitol Hill debate about the Affordable Care Act centers not on the law itself but, rather, the appointment of a new deputy director for the Office of Personnel Management.

Are insurers quietly dropping small businesses?

As insurers reap financial benefits from the Affordable Care Act, many appear to be raising rates for small employers to the point that they can no longer afford to provide benefits.

SHOP exchange enrollment remains tepid

More than 450,000 consumers enrolled on Healthcare.gov during the first week of the new open enrollment period, but traffic to the section of the site for small businesses remains slow.  

Washington state stands behind troubled insurance marketplace

Washington's insurance commissioner stands behind the state's insurance marketplace despite an ongoing struggle to transfer information from the site to payers.

Glitches continue on Healthcare.gov, small business exchange

Despite all the improvements that federal officials have made to HealthCare.gov to prepare for the second enrollment period, insurers remain concerned that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hasn't perfected a system for informing them when existing consumers switch plans,  reported  the  Philadelphia Inquirer.

HHS postpones small business exchange implementation

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has delayed the implementation of the health insurance exchange designed specifically for small businesses and their employees.