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Latest Headlines

Take the Trader Joe's approach to achieve high-quality, low-cost healthcare

Payers and providers should embrace the Trader Joe's business model to benefit customers and finances, Healthcare Payer News reported.

AHIP Institute: Learn to thrive in consumer-focused world

The health insurance industry is changing and consumers are at the heart of that transformation. If insurers don't embrace the new consumer, they'll lose their competitive advantage. So it...

Tap retail experts to thrive in consumer-driven healthcare

Insurers are bringing in leadership talent from other industries to better meet consumer demands in a changing health insurance market, Healthcare Finance News reported.

UnitedHealth makes the case for insurer-retail partnerships

As UnitedHealth ensures its product development and service delivery always "fit into the life of the consumer," it frequently looks to the retail industry for lessons learned and guidance, Tom Paul, chief consumer officer at UnitedHealth, told FierceHealthPayer.