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Latest Headlines

No shortage of GOP alternatives to ACA, but no consensus either

Republicans agree that they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but  their plan of attack once the  Supreme Court issues its  King v. Burwell  ruling in June regarding the legality of federal subsidies remains up in the air.

Will state insurance markets change with a new President?

Insurers could be operating in vastly different marketplace conditions across the country when the Affordable Care Act's "state innovation" provision goes into effect in two years. That's because the ACA includes a waiver allowing states to use federal dollars to redesign their own healthcare systems--without Congressional approval.

GOP plan to chip away at employer mandate could backfire

With Republicans now in charge of the House and Senate, their first order of business is to slowly chip away at the Affordable Care Act by targeting the employer mandate. A new bill would increase the full-time 30-hour work week to 40 hours.

Insurers slam GOP spending bill for capping risk corridor payments

Insurers are blasting a Republican-backed Congressional spending bill, saying it will cut vital federal payments and lead to an increase in healthcare costs.

How insurers benefit from a friendly relationship with feds

Though historically on the opposite of most issues, insurers and federal officials have developed a mutually beneficial relationship that will likely grow stronger in the next few years.

Obama says he did not mislead public on ACA, spars with reform 'architect'

President Barack Obama denied charges that he mislead Americans about the healthcare reform law in order to get it passed.

Could navigator education efforts lead to fraud?

Republican lawmakers are continuing their attack on navigators, who are meant to help consumers when shopping on health insurance exchanges, claiming that their education efforts could lead to fraud in the online marketplaces.

Could better manners spur bipartisanship on Meaningful Use?

I found last week's white paper released by six Republican Senators calling for a "reboot" of the Meaningful Use program fascinating. Not so much for what the senators said--although...

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius subpoenaed for promoting health reform

House Republicans issued a subpoena to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for allegedly promoting the legislation improperly.

Medicaid becoming a bargaining chip for debt ceiling negotations

Democratic lawmakers are concerned that tightening Medicaid eligibility could be the price they pay to win concessions from Republicans regarding the debt ceiling negotiations, reports Kaiser Health