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Latest Headlines

Illinois Blues refusal to negotiate with affiliated health systems could have 'chilling effect'

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is taking a stand against the recent uptick in hospital affiliations. The market-dominating insurer recently announced that it won't negotiate reimbursement rates with affiliated health systems, Crain's Chicago Business reported.

Insurers fight provider consolidation

As the trend toward hospital mergers a nd acquisitions  continues, America's Health Insurance Plans is pushing back against consolidation, saying it jeopardizes insurers' attempts to move toward a value-based reimbursement system

Is bigger better in healthcare?

I'm a fan of the mom-and-pop store. Even if it means paying a little more for the same product available at a big-box retailer, I would prefer shopping at a small, local store. That's because I tend to receive better customer service at the smaller shops where they personally value my business. And I would allege the same to be true in the healthcare industry.

How payers can eliminate consequences of provider consolidation

Although insurers and industry organizations often assert that provider consolidation leads to higher prices, some experts believe the impact is relatively neutral, reported  Insurance News Net.

States fight against provider consolidation

As providers continue to team up, insurers claim the growing rate of provider consolidation leads to high healthcare costs. Many states want to lessen the impact of provider consolidation by implementing laws and regulations that encourage price disclosure and ensure limits on healthcare prices, according to a new paper from the National Academy of Social Insurance and Catalyst for Payment Reform.

4 ways payers can offset provider consolidation

As doctors and hospitals continue to consolidate, insurers are seeing prices soar. To counteract the effects of provider consolidation, a new analysis from the Commonwealth Fund offers several steps insurers can take to reduce rising costs.

AHIP: Hospital prices drive up healthcare costs

A new study from America's Health Insurance Plans finds that hospital prices have been growing amid increased provider consolidation.

Provider consolidation, out-of-network fees raise costs

Provider consolidation as a result of accountable care organizations and high out-of-network provider fees are causing healthcare costs to continue to rise at exorbitant levels.

SPOTLIGHT: AHA to WellPoint CEO: Premium increases 'exceed growth' in healthcare costs

In a letter sent to WellPoint President and CEO Angela Braly on Tuesday, American Hospital Association President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock took issue with Braly's statement that provider consolidation