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Latest Headlines

6 rules for protecting health information on mobile devices

The challenge for payers is meeting the demand for direct, real-time access while safeguarding electronic protected health information shared through mobile channels.

'Medical banking' expands HIPAA compliance to financial institutions

HIMSS has issued a set of recommendations to help financial institutions comply with federal privacy laws for protected patient health data.

Hospital IT security shouldn't be a knee-jerk reaction

Although a proactive approach to security doesn't necessarily guarantee the safety of your patients' files and records, it at least can offer comfort to patients to know the steps your organization is taking ahead of time to try to do so.

Patient info at risk after laptop thefts in Connecticut, Illinois

Personal information for thousands of patients both at Hartford (Conn.) Hospital and VNA HealthCare, which provides home healthcare for Hartford HealthCare patients, is in jeopardy following the theft of an unencrypted laptop computer, the hospital announced.

Facebook and PHI storage: A bad idea

Could Facebook succeed as a platform for personal health record storage? Not likely, says  Healthcare Technology Online 's Ken Congdon, who cites the company's business model and its infamous privacy policy problems as reasons why healthcare providers shouldn't even consider the thought.

Patients getting short shrift in EHR privacy and access

Healthcare providers and health information exchanges must do a better job of protecting patients' privacy, allowing them to access their own healthcare data, and developing consistent "rules of the

Report: Securing protected health information 'not always a top priority'

A comprehensive new report released this week, outlines the fragile state of patient information security, offering up a five-step methodology to help healthcare CIOs and CEOs determine the right

UCLA Health System pays $865G to settle HIPAA violation charges

UCLA Health System has agreed to pay a fine of $865,000 and to develop a correction action plan to settle potential HIPAA privacy violations involving improper disclosures of medical records at its

Health Net pays $55K fine for data breach involving 1.5M people

Health Net will pay $55,000 to settle a complaint that it didn't inform customers in Vermont that their personal information was lost along with an unencrypted computer hard drive. The

HHS: Laptop theft is No. 1 source of health data breaches

Here's another reminder: Secure your laptop computers. HHS officials last week confirmed what many people have long suspected: Laptop theft is the most common source of health data breaches affecting