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Latest Headlines

3 keys to developing private exchanges

If insurers want to design and launch their own private health insurance exchange to compete with the publicly administered marketplaces, they must focus on three essential aspects--market strategy, product offerings and integrated data, according to a white paper from Array Health.

Private exchanges key to industry reform

Private health insurance exchanges, which now cover more than 1.5 million people, hold the power to transform the health insurance industry because of their potential to boost competition and innovation among insurers.

New trend: Mix of private exchanges and ACOs

The health insurance industry may soon see a mashup of private exchanges and accountable care organizations, according to LifeHealth Pro.

Self-insurance popularity sends full-risk enrollment falling

As the self-insurance market continues to rise, commercial full-risk insurance declines. Commercial full-risk enrollment fell from 80.5 million in 2011 to 78.5 million in 2012--a 2.5 percent drop, according to findings from Citi Research.

Rising costs, unknowns await payers in 2015

The rising healthcare costs in new private and public insurance exchanges are dramatically changing the health insurance landscape, according to A.M. Best analysts.

Employees embrace freedom of choice on private exchange

After employers offered coverage through a private health exchange, 58 percent of employees chose a plan providing a different level of coverage than their current plan, according to second-year enrollment analysis from Aon Hewitt, released Thursday.

4 strategies to grow membership, boost revenue

How can insurers grow their membership and boost revenues? They should consider expanding into international markets, competing in the Medicaid marketplace, developing private exchanges and producing technological applications, according to Mark Farrah Associates (MFA).

Study: More employers look to private exchanges

Forty-five percent of employers said they'll consider or use a private health insurance exchange before 2018 for their full-time employees, according to a new online survey from the Private Exchange Evaluation Collaborative. But obstacles remain to private exchange adoption, including questions about long-term stability.

Private exchange competition continues to grow

As the federal health insurance exchange website continues to falter amid technical problems, companies are continuing to launch their own private exchanges that could eventually compete alongside the public marketplaces.

IBM, Time Warner shift employees to private exchanges

Another reason insurers might increasingly sell plans on private health insurance exchanges: Two more large companies have announced they're shifting some employees to the online marketplaces.